In Vancouver, BC
In Vancouver, BC

canAfter many months of uncertainties, we finally received a letter from immigration saying that we have been granted Permanent Residency (PR) status. This is a real miracle, especially since we encountered some problems along the way. So there is no question in our minds whom we have to thank for this. The verse in the picture above came to mind when we rejoiced upon receiving the good news.

Not that we were actually mourning, but nevertheless, God gave us much reason to rejoice.

3dflagsdotcomcanad2fawlWe want to thank everyone who has been praying for us in regards to this matter. Having Permanent Residency will make life a lot easier for us. For one thing, we don’t need to constantly wonder any more whether or not our short term visa will be renewed or if we have to move again. Now we can relax, knowing that we are able to stay here in Canada to finish the translation project. For Sarah it will also be a lot easier to work and study, as she is no longer considered an international student.

Of course, we will still be doing a lot of travelling as part of our ministry, but at least now we know we can always come back to Canada without any difficulties.


Good News: We can stay in Canada!

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