unnamed(8)The last few months have been very busy for us and without much time for a breather because there was just so much to do. Unfortunately there wasn’t much time for relaxation during the Christmas season either because we were preparing for the conference in Brazil.

unnamed(2)As you might remember from our last prayer letter, we had been invited by a mission working among the indigenous people in Brazil and Paraguay to speak about Biblical Confict Resolution and some other mission related topics.

On January 2 we started our long journey to Campo Grande, where the conference was being held. It took us over 40 hours to get there, almost as long as the trip to Papua New Guinea! On our way we had to switch planes six times, so you can imagine, how glad we were when we finally arrived at our destination.  The missionaries gave us a warm welcome and we quickly felt at home on their center, the Chácara, which means “small farm“. Overall, our time in Brazil was a very rewarding experience, and a trip we are very thankful to have had the opportunity to do. We were able to help them address a few problems they had been struggling with and we felt that our input was much appreciated.

Many things in Brazil reminded us of life in PNG: the tropical climate, the flora and fauna, but also the mentality of the people.unnamed(3)

Mission Conference in Brazil

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