“A man’s heart plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps.” (Pro 16:9)

This has not only been true for the miraculous way how Martin came to do a study program, but it is also true for our latest visit to the Hutterites. Originally we had planned a longer visit to several colonies at the end of May. However, as it often happens, once again things turned out differently than originally planned. We actually did visit some Hutterites and were even able to witness a Hutterite wake, but we needed to postpone our visit to other colonies to sometime in July and August. Instead, we had to make a short trip back home to Germany to visit our aging mothers and take care of some family business. We are actually in Germany as we are writing this post. Martin’s mother has recovered quite well from her stroke for which we thank the Lord. We are also grateful for the opportunity to spend some time with our families and visit a few of our donors and friends during our brief stay in Germany. The timing of our trip also made it possible for us to participate in the annual conference of Wycliffe Germany, which is something we haven’t been able to do for many years. The conference gave us a chance to reconnect with some of our old colleagues and friends. We also got to know our new director for Wycliffe Germany. We thank God for this brief time with family and friend. 🙂

– we will be traveling back to Canada on June 21.

Man proposes, God disposes

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