Gold Medal Award It’s finally done! On April 18 Martin was doubly rewarded for all his hard work. At the graduation ceremony Martin was first given his Master’s degree and then to everybody’s surprise was also presented with the governor’s gold medal award for achieving the highest academic standing at the graduate level at the university.

We’re all very proud of him and rejoice with him that he was able to complete his studies so well. Martin will now have more time again for family, and also to focus on his responsibilities in the Hutterite and Dawawa translation programs. He is also been presented with the opportunity to serve as a translation consultant for various language groups in Africa and was asked to teach at CanIL. He might consider that for next year. The main priority at the moment, however, is to complete the Hutterite project. Then we shall see which doors the Lord might open for service in the future.

SimonEnkelUnfortunately, Simon could not be here for the celebration. He is currently working on a sheep farm in Western Australia to earn some money for his further travels. Jason is not in the picture either because he had to stay home with the kids during the ceremony. All three are doing well and they are a great joy to all of us.

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