Wachthttps://blog.knauber.info/wp-admin/post.php?post=951&action=editAs we have already mentioned in another post, we were privileged to participate in a Hutterite wake. Such a wake for a deceased person usually lasts several days – one of the reasons being to give enough time for relatives and friends some of whom have to travel a long way for the funeral. There is a lot of singing involved during a wake interspersed with comforting words and brief sermons by various preachers from different colonies. The wake was a new and interesting experience to us but unfortunately this event was also a contributing factor that caused us to change our plans. Initially we had planned to conduct a course in Biblical conflict resolution, but of course the preparations for the funeral and the large number of guests who arrive from faraway colonies were given priority. So we decided to postpone the course until the next time.
People keep asking us when the Hutterite New Testament will finally be ready for publication. Well, Bible translation can’t be rushed. However, we are done with the initial translation and Martin and his team are currently in the process of checking and rechecking all the texts for naturalness and accuracy before anything can be published. At the moment they’re working on first Corinthians. If everything goes well, then there’s a good chance that the text will be ready by the end of the year for recording – but don’t hold your breath. There are many factors that come into play which could push that goal well into 2016. We do ask, however, for your prayers to reach this goal, and also for protection of our Hutterite coworkers.

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