Colony Trip Summer 2015Martin is traveling again to various Hutterite colonies. On the map above you can see a rough outline of his route. He will be driving over 6000 km, so he’ll be gone for a while. Purpose of the trip is to reconnect with Hutterites that we have known for a long time, but also to visit new colonies and introduce our translated texts in these colonies and perform various tests. Recently an opportunity presented itself for perhaps publishing the Synoptic Gospels later this year. We hope this will come to pass. Martin will also meet with the Hutterites that will be involved with this.

For the first part of the trip Beate will stay in Abbotsford, to work on some meditations. She is planning to come later by plane and join Martin somewhere in the east.

Trip to the colonies – summer 2015

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  • July 28, 2015 at 15:24

    Hi Martin How is your trip going Let me know if you need anything thanks der Her sei mit dir


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