We are very busy preparing to leave for Papua New Guinea on 23 March. We are planning to have two short stops in New Zealand and Australia where we hope to meet up with our son Simon and his girlfriend Dré. Since we haven’t seen Simon in almost 2 years, we are very excited to meet up with him and also get to know Jeandré who comes from England. The two met and got to know each other during their trip in Southeast Asia. Simon and Dré will also be going with us to Papua New Guinea.

Simon & Dré

Sarah would also like to come with us to have closure and once more see her old home in the jungle where she grew up and say goodbye to the village. Unfortunately, all this is still very uncertain, because it was a last-minute decision and Sarah’s passport will soon expire. And since there is not enough time to get it renewed from within Canada, her only option would be to fly to Germany within the next two or three weeks and apply for a new passport from there. We are still working through this as we are writing this letter. Another piece of news regarding Sarah is that she got her own place, so now Martin and I are truly empty-nesters. It is almost like a new experience for us to be all by ourselves again after 32 years. 🙂

By now most of our flights and accommodations have been booked. We are first planning to work with our team at the regional Center in Alotau where we have power and can use our computers, and then go to the village later. Our trip to the village however, proves to be more of a challenge than we had originally thought and the chances are very high that we may not be able to use the helicopter like we did in the past. There is still a possibility that we could perhaps drive into the mountains by tractor to a certain point and then hike from there. We have done that before and it works if the weather and the rivers will comply, and also if the roads are still there and not washed away completely by the floods, as has so often happened in the past.


Trip to Papua New Guinea

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