Wedding anniversary
The two of us at our 30th anniversary in 2012. We were not only celebrating 30 years of marriage but also our 30th anniversary with Wycliffe.

Our journey as Bible translators with Wycliffe

… began over 30 years ago when we spent our honeymoon by attending our first course in linguistics at the Wycliffe center in Holzhausen, Germany in 1982. After several years of training, we then went to the field in Papua New Guinea to begin a translation project among the Dawawa people.

When the New Testament was finished in August 2003, we launched a new translation project, called Project VITAL (Vernacular Initiative for Translation and Literacy). VITAL was a multi-language project where we worked with up to 12 languages ​​simultaneously.

In 2006 we handed VITAL over to someone else and left Papua New Guinea to come to North America and start yet another translation project for the Hutterites who live in the prairie states of Canada and the US.

Currently we are involved in both projects, the translation of the Old Testament for the Dawawa in PNG, and the NT audio Bible for the Hutterites in North America. In recent years Beate also became a certified mediator and conflict coach with Peacemaker Ministries and began teaching courses in Biblical conflict resolution in different parts of the world. She also serves as a personal coach and mediator for individual couples or families and helps them to resolve their conflicts together.


Most of us are here in Canada at the moment except for Simon who is traveling in Asia and Australia. Samuel, our oldest, was transferred to Canada by his company in September 2014. We very much enjoy being close together after so many years of separation.
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