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Beate unterrichtet ihr Seminar in Biblischer Konfliktlösung
Beate teaching her seminar on Biblical Conflict Resolution

In January 1988 we went to Papua New Guinea and began our work among the people of Dawawa people in that year. We started a traditional language project, which included translation work, literacy and the training of local teachers. As a Registered Nurse Beate also did a lot of medical work and trained local people as medical assistants.

BeateUnterricht2006When the New Testament was finished in August 2003, we were tasked with the leadership of our region and soon realized that even fine Christians are not spared from conflict with each other. This is even more so, when missionaries come from very different cultures and then try to work together on the mission field. Beate often found herself in the role of a mediator between parties that are no longer got along with each other. At that time Beate had the opportunity to take some courses in biblical conflict resolution. This led to her decision to begin training as a mediator with Peacemaker Ministries after we moved to North America to work on the Hutterite project. Beate successfully completed her training and is now a certified mediator with Peacemaker Ministries.

In the past five years Beate has been serving as conflict coach and mediator and has been teaching courses in Biblical Conflict Resolution in churches and mission centers in a number of countries around the world.